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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Video Game Review Show Template

Let's get one thing straight here... I'm not asking this question because I have some big unannounced videogame show I'm not telling you about. If I do - I'll let you know upfront, simple as that.

I'm asking because I recently came across a new Australian videogame show called New Game Plus and was wondering what specifically it was that made it fall flat... It has all the right elements, and maybe it will get better, but it's first episode was definitely sub-par.

And here's why:

  • The intro sequence is all over the place, way too busy and somewhat random.
  • The hosts, who definitely know their stuff I'll give them that, tend to mumble on camera in their studio links and ramble on until I became bored and lost interest.
  • The "studio" segments look like they were shot in someone's lounge. Not the comfortable, "I'm inviting you into my home which is really cool and videogamey" look, but rather the "we're on a budget and couldn't afford a studio" look.
  • The reviews have a host talking over footage, or with a tv playing in the background, but it appears to be a live read (not pre-recorded) and they at times stumble or pause for inordinately long periods of time. Stumbling is fine in a live situation, or when the person is on camera, but not over footage which has no visual reference to the "um, uh" for the viewer.
  • The female host is the mobile reviewer. Because, you know... girls only play mobile and casual games... Barf! Stereotypes people! 
  • Mic's on the outside of their clothes! Seriously? You didn't have one sound person who told you to run that ish inside your t-shirt? That's professional yo...
  • And lastly (that I can think of in retrospect any way) they faded to black while the hosts were still talking. Not rambling on - saying goodbye to the viewers... Fail.

Hopefully New Game Plus will get a bit better - I have only watched the first episode, and I see that there are 3 in total thus far. There's always room for improvement and I'll hold thumbs for them.

Having hosted The Verge, and worked behind the scenes on it for so many years, I know the challenges of producing a show like this, and sometimes you simply cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try.

But, moving on to review shows in general - what is it that a good videogame show should have?

Community links?

Over the years we've tried many things, some of them successful, some not so. But amid the glut of web review shows out there, what makes you sit up and say, "Wow! That's an awesome show!"

Your thoughts?

And while you're thinking about it - Max Payne 3 is released next week. I can't friggin' wait! Going to be dividing my time between that and Diablo 3...

Anyway, here's a pretty trailer. Enjoy!

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  1. looks good, but is it??????? the trailer is pretty cool but they jst do tht 2 some games and make the trailers good but the game not!!!!!!