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Sunday, July 1, 2012


So, continuing in the vein of things that happened while I was getting a new job and hiding away from the people who follow my musings on various social networks...

I was recently invited to the media screening of Prometheus, which considering the masses of envy I received from people I shared this with, was definitely a good thing!

Although ultimately I found the movie itself somewhat predictable storywise (and not because it's the prequel to Alien - for those people who don't know anything about it... Wikipedia is your friend) and the setup for a sequel a bit annoying,(although that would still be a prequel to the Alien films, confusing I know) I thoroughly enjoyed it visually and as an event it was well organised and casual, which is definitely my kind of thing!

Anyway, myself and a bunch of other "important" people (yes, that is sarcasm) were interviewed regarding our thoughts on Prometheus, and that's the video above.

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