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Monday, October 29, 2012

Just Dance 4 Fitness Challenge - Week 1

Right, so I'm kicking off the Just Dance 4 Fitness Challenge today, with Call Me Maybe, one of the songs from the tracklist of Just Dance 4.

A reminder that to win, you'll need to enter a video of yourself dancing to that song (recorded on your phone is fine) and email it to me on unexpectedpippa@gmail.com


Upload it to my Facebook fan page


Tweet it to me @unexpectedpippa with the hashtag #JD4Fitness

The competition will run until the 30th November, at which stage I'll pick a winner with the help of UJFM

I'll also be uploading a video of myself a couple of times a week, dancing to Just Dance 4, just so you don't feel completely silly doing it yourself ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Dance 4 Fitness Challenge

I only recently was fortunate enough (depending on your views) to obtain a Kinect for my XBox. Sure, when we produced The Verge we had one in the office, but I never owned one at home, and so it means that the kind of enjoyment you get out of certain games in the comfort of your own home is markedly different to the ways in which you utilise them in a working environment.

For example, jumping around like a complete nana (yes, I said it) in the middle of an office with people watching you, when you are by no means even slightly inebriated, is much more painful to your ego (and sometimes physically as well as you tend to bang into things) than doing the same thing in your own living room. 

In this case I equate this to the gym experience. Some people go to gym because they like other people to watch them get fit and "check out their muscles boet", whereas others (yes, like myself) avoid gyms for this very reason. I prefer to both exercise and Kinect in a much more secluded environment where people can't really watch me and see how silly I look.

Speaking of exercise, I used to run. And then I had a kid... Those of you who have children will know that this means that your time now becomes much more limited, and things like going for a run (not running around after your children, mind) after you get home from work at 6 o clock are not really at the top of your To Do list.

And so... after plugging in my Kinect, the memories of people looking silly at rAge still fresh in my mind, I obtained a copy of Just Dance 4 from the good folks over at Ubisoft. And whilst I would not yet say that I am a Just Dance convert, I'm surprisingly enjoying it more than I would have thought.

The best part? Yes, it's the Autodance feature. The first day I played I did a whole lot of different dances just so I could watch the Autodance at the end. Sad? Yeah ok maybe. But most interestingly, exhausting!

It was with this in mind that I have decided to start a month long Just Dance 4 Fitness Challenge. Yes, since I no longer have as much time as I would like to exercise, I figured, why the hell not just do a few dances every day and see if the claims of any of these dancing games are valid in any way.

I'm not just doing it and documenting it for your pleasure (and amusement) either... Ubisoft have been kind enough to give me a hamper of Just Dance 4 goodies to give away, and the folks over at UJFM (where I present a radio spot every Friday morning) have also gotten on board to get the word out there.

A couple of times a week I'll upload an Autodance clip of me looking completely silly, as well as keep track of my progress, whether it's good or bad. I'm aiming to make sure that I do at least a half an hour of silly dancing stuff 6 days a week, which I think is pretty fair.

So what do you need to do to win this hamper? Well, it will of course be easier if you follow me, @unexpectedpippa @ujfm and @renestweeting on Twitter, although I won't hold you to that. But that way you can keep track of what's going on. 

Every week I'll pick a song from the Just Dance 4 tracklist, and you need to send me a video clip (it can be on your phone) of you dancing to that song. No, of course it doesn't have to be on Just Dance because yes I know you probably won't have the game yet or you wouldn't be entering! Just upload a clip of you dancing like no-ones watching to my Facebook Page, tweet it to me with the #JD4Fitness or email it to me on unexpectedpippa@gmail.com and you could stand in line to win a Just Dance 4 hamper that includes the game, a shirt, a togbag and a couple of other goodies as well. 

So let's recap:

1. Competition starts on Monday 29 October 2012 (I want to run it for 5 full weeks).
2. I'll post up the title of a song from Just Dance 4 at the beginning of every week.
3. You send in a clip to either my Facebook page or my email address with you dancing to that song.
4. Competition closes 30 November 2012.
5. I'll pick a winner over the weekend and notify you so you can collect your prize.

In return you'll get to see me being silly and hopefully getting fitter after a months dancing to Just Dance 4. Will it get me even vaguely fitter than I am now? Who knows, but this is the silliest and most fun way I can think of to try...

If you already own a copy of Just Dance (any version) and are simply looking for motivation to use it to get fitter, or just want to participate for sh*ts and giggles, please feel free to send me clips (Autodance or otherwise) or simply let me know how it's going - I'd love to see if anyone else has any success :)