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Thursday, April 18, 2013

FLD - Local laptop/tablet bags you want to invest in...

Want to support good quality local products and help a small business grow? Well, you can't really go wrong with FLD.

Good looking, durable laptops bags and tablet sleeves made in a variety of sizes and colours (the pink is my personal favourite!) that express your personal sense of style while still looking classy.

They're designed to carry all your assorted cables, plus have additional pockets to fit your personal belongings as well and cut down on the number of bags you carry with you.

The company itself is fairly new, and run by two young entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and looking for an alternative to the imported laptop bags on the market that looked good and protected their equipment adequately against scratches, falls and knocks.

Laptop and tablet bags are already available in selected stores, and sleeves are on their way in coming months.

Watch this space - I'm sure you'll see more of these guys in coming months.


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  5. Wow! those bags are cool and fantastic. I want one!