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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ACNLZA Blogger Challenge

I've neglected my town. For a whole 2 days. It's true, I'm a bad mayor.

Ok, in fairness I've spent the last couple of days in bed with the flu, dosed up on meds and sleeping, but I was quite ashamed of myself when I arrived back in Elioton (this is my town's name in case you hadn't guessed), to find my towns folk telling me (in the nicest possible way because they're rarely grumpy) that they were feeling like I should pay more attention.

They are completely right of course, I can't run a town and then not put in any effort. Especially when I have bills to pay!

I'm busy trying to pay off the renovations on my house, as well as the public works project of building an additional bridge to cross the river that runs through my town because I was tired of having to walk the entire length of the town in order to cross the river.

Luckily of course when I can no longer collect stuff to sell during the day, I can still make a night time excursion to the island to go on tours and gather exotic fruit... to sell the next day when I get back to Elioton (at an inflated rate for imported goods of course!)

Oh! Also forgot to mention that you need to be careful when shaking trees! I dislodged a beehive and got stung quite badly so I'm currently a bit worse for wear with one eye swollen shut... Good thing I'm not allergic...

I've been taking screenshots regularly, so will post my town in pictures later when I get home for work...

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